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Many of us have heard of Website Optimization and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but what do they really mean? Search Engine & Website Optimization, mean altering a website in order to gain high position on search engines. When discussing these two terms it's important to distinguish between proper web page structure (website optimization) and internet marketing (search engine optimization).

Website Optimization Services

When we optimize a website we attempt to achieve high search engine ranking by closely following the guidelines set forth by the major search engines. These guidelines include:

Proper HTML structure as defined by the W3 Consortium
Proper use of images and logos
Cross browser compatibility
An easy-to-read site map
Clear and properly-structured navigation menu and links
Clear web page content

These are the bread and butter of creating search-engine-friendly websites. Every website we design undergoes website optimization for no additional cost, putting you one step ahead of other, non-optimized websites. Now let's talk about search engines in more detail, to better understand search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo & MSN, use an algorithm which is a set of rules, to rank the listings contained within their index. Google, today's most dominant search engine, is known to have the most sophisticated algorithm, therefore providing more accurate and more relevant search results.

Every website owner wants to have a popular website, one that is more successful than competing websites. That's because popularity in many cases can be translated to cash, and if not to cash then to other benefits like exposure or opportunity. However, being popular is not such an easy task, especially when competition is high.

Ariel Web Design offers economical search engine optimization services to help boost your page rank and bring more targeted traffic to your website. When implementing the SEO strategy we address the following issues:

  • Link Popularity - refers to the number of websites that contain links pointing to your website. Incoming links are an excellent way to increase popularity because when certain websites links to yours, search engines assume that your website is important.

  • Keyword-Rich Content - search engines favor textual information. They cannot read images, therefore images have very little value. A content that is rich in carefully-chosen keywords is essential for search engine ranking. We pick the right keywords for your website using professional keyword research tools.

  • Active Ad Campaign - budget permitting, this is an effective way to targeted audience to your website. An active campaign usually includes a pay-per-click service such as the popular Google AdWords.

Each website we build is submitted to the 3 most popular search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN) which account for over 95% of all searches conducted on the internet.

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