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Websites, websites and more websites... There are so many websites out there... in fact, about 11 billion of them. If visitors land on your website and can't find what they're looking for within seconds, they are going to leave and look for it somewhere else. Why? Because your target audience has no sentiments. They want something and they'll go with the first website that they feel comfortable with.

When we first begin working on a new web design we ask ourselves who is this target audience and how do we make them want to stay and come back for more. Simplicity is the key for web design. We like to keep it clean, clear and goal oriented.

Why Clean?

Because clean is not messy, and people hate mess. Moreover, imagine what people would think about your company when they see a disorganized website. Your website represents you, and if you don't look good that's a problem. Forget about popups and other gizmos, these things will only annoy visitors. Instead let us build a clear navigation system, so people can find their way without hassle.

What About Accessibility?

That's becoming a big issue these days. While most computer owners use Internet Explorer, others use different browsers such as Firefox, Safari & Opera. Each browser displays websites in a different way, so when designing a website it's important to make it suitable for all browsers. Otherwise, you are closing the door to your business on 20% of your visitors.

Web Design with Search Engines in Mind

Every website we create, is built from a search engine's perspective. Understanding how search engines work and visualizing what search engines "see" are probably one of the most important aspects of professional web design. Poor web design practices can cause search engines to ignore certain websites, making them practically worthless. By implementing website optimization techniques we make sure your website has the potential to not only be picked up by search engines, but also rank well.

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